Data Science and Engineering Lab


The objective of the laboratory is to carry out research and technological transfer in the following fields:

  • DATA MINING : Big Data Mining, Explainable Artificial Intelligence, Streaming Data Mining, Opinion Mining, Stance Detection, Fake news Detection, Anomaly Detection, Smart Applicant Tracking System
  • AI FOR INDUSTRY 4.0: PEOPLE AND PROCESSES: Sensor-based monitoring of workers’ safety and stress level at the workplace, Novel many-objective optimization algorithms for industrial processes
  • NOVEL APPROACHES TO NEURAL NETWORKS: Hardware implementation (FPGA, ASIP, …), NNs with infinitesimal and infinite weights, Photonic NNs, NNs based on calculus of variations

People: Beatrice Lazzerini (coordinator), Alessio Bechini, Marco Cococcioni, Francesco Marcelloni 


02 April 2019