Department Organization

Director: Prof. Giuseppe Anastasi

Vice Director: Prof. Fulvio Gini

Head of Administration: Sig.ra Tiziana Cosci

Budget and General Services: Sig.ra Rosanna Le Rose

Education Unit: Dott.ssa Barbara Conte

Research Unit: Sig.ra Anna Maria Casini


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Department Council

Director: Prof. Giuseppe Anastasi

Vice Director: Prof. Fulvio Gini

Full Professor: Prof.ssa Arti Devi Ahluwalia

Full Professor: Prof. Giuseppe Iannaccone

Full Professor: Prof. Alberto Landi

Associate Professor: -

Associate Professor: -

Associate Professor: Prof. Marco Avvenuti

Assistant Professor: -

Assistant Professor: Ing. Francesco Pieri

Assistant Professor: Ing. Alessandro Tognetti

Head of Administration: Sig.ra Tiziana Cosci

TA Personnel Representative: Sig.ra Rosanna Le Rose

Representative of PostDoc researchers, PhD Students and Trainees: -

Students' Representative: Sig. Valerio Fighera


Department Meeting

The Regulation lays down the following members:

All the personnel of the Department (See the list on Unimap)

All the Researchers of the Department (See the list on Unimap)



  • The Representatives of the TA Personnel  
  • The Representatives of PostDoc Researchers of the Department
  • The Representatives of PhD Students and Trainees in  Departimental PhD Courses and Specialization Schools 
  • The Representatives of the Students Departimental Undergraduate and Graduate programs  


TA Personnel:

Sig.ra Anna Maria Casini
Sig.ra Maria Antonietta Gallina

Sig.ra Donatella Giorgi 
Sig.ra Rosanna Le Rose
Ing. Marco Michelini
Sig.ra Maura Pancanti



PHD Students and Trainees:

Ing. Antonino Amedeo La Mattina
Ing. Marta Perucchini


Sig. Alfredo Bagalà
Sig. Federico Boggia Camilla Carbone
Sig. Valerio Fighera
Sig. Umberto Fontana
Sig. Francesco Secoli


The Head of Administration, Sig.ra Tiziana Cosci, will attend Department Meetings as a non-voting member, to take minutes of the sessions.

13 March 2018