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Optical Characterization of Photonic Structures - International School, June 6-8 2017


Optical Characterization of Photonic Structures

International School

6 – 8 June 2017
Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione
UniversitĂ  di
Pisa, Pisa, Italy


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The School is focused on recent progresses on material fabrication and characterization for optoelectronics and photonics with sessions on the following themes:

Optical/photonic material fabrication
Organic/hybrid optoelectronics
to THz spectroscopic characterization



Annamaria Petrozza (IIT-CNST, Milano): “Hybrid perovskite photonics”

Hernan Miguez (CSIC, Sevilla): “Optical design of optoelectronic devices”

Andrea Toma (IIT, Genova): “Noble metal plasmonics in the IR”

Alessandro Minotto (UCL, London): “Organic LEDs in the NIR”

Thomas Brown (UNITorvergata, Roma): “Organic solar cells”

Francesco Fuso (UniPi, Pisa): “Near-field nanoscopy of photonic materials”

Paolo Biagioni (Polimi, Milano):“Si:Geplasmonics in the IR”

Luca Beverina (UniMiB, Milano): “Organic electrochromic materials”

Luca de Trizio (IIT, Genova): “Cation exchange in nanocrystalline materials and related optical properties”

Alessandro Chiasera (CNR-IFN, Trento): “Materials for photonics”

Mario Caironi (IIT-CNST, Milano): “Charge modulation spectroscopy for the study of the charge transport in solution processed semiconductors”

Stefano Toffanin (CNR-ISMN, Bologna): “Morphology-optics relationship in organic devices”

Francesco Scotognella (Polimi, IIT-CNST, Milano): “Optical characterization of nanomaterials”

Alessandro Tredicucci (UniPi, Pisa): “Graphene THz spectroscopy”

Stefano Dal Conte (Polimi, Milano): “Ultrafast characterization of 2D materials”

CosimoTrono (CNR-IFAC, Firenze): “Optical fiber-based devices for (bio)sensing”

Francesco Buatier de Mongeot (UniGe, Genova): “Plasmonics in self-assembled structures”

Matteo Tomassini (Polimi, Milano): “Raman spectroscopy of organic materials”




Organising Committee


Francesco Scotognella, Giuseppe M. Paternò – IIT-Polimi


Giuseppe Barillaro, Valentina Robbiano – UNIPI


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