COMSEC and TEMPEST: current standards and measurement procedures

07 Maggio 2024

Nell’ambito dei corsi di Laurea in Cybersecurity e in Ingegneria delle Telecomunicazioni

The seminar will present law-directive-standard of cybersecurity in Italy, Europe and extra-Europe with details of COMSEC and TEMPEST standard, procedure and equipment.
Details of certification procedure of ICT and classified SW and equipment will be also provided.
The seminar will finally discuss the electromagnetic risk of shielding and passive interception and active electromagnetic possibility of attack to informatic and telematic installation in defence and industrial world.

Giuseppe Ilacqua

• In Naval Academy of Italian Navy – Leghorn (by 11.1966)
• Electronic Engineer – radar – radio link specialization in UNIPI (27.03.1973)
• Chief technical of radar-SAM systems in DDG Ardito (by 4.1973) In General Direction NAVALCOSTARMI of Italian Navy – Rome (by 1977)
• Chief of radar-IFF section
• Chief of combat ship section in New Ship department
• Chief of radar-EW-CMS division
• Chief of III Department Combat naval system Participation of CASD (Centro Alti Studi Difesa) course – Rome in 2002-2003 In General Direction TELEDIFE of Italian Navy – Rome (by 2003 to 2009)
• Chief of I Department: project and acquisition of all central SW system for Italian Defence and LAN and classified CELD-equipment Retired in 8.2009 with a degree of Two Star Admiral Consultant of direction of Horizon Naval System industry for Horizon and FREMM frigate – Rome (by 9.2009 to 2012) Consultant of CNIT RASS – Pisa (by 2013 - Today) Teacher of installation naval system and electromagnetic problem in Naval Academy, UNIPI and several national and foreign industries (Today)