Research Activities


The main activities include: Semiconductor Technology, Devicesand Sensors; Analog, Digital, RF Circuitsand Systems Design; Power Management

Applied Electromagnetism

The Applied Electromagnetics group activity is focused on a wide spectrum of applications that involve the exploitation of electromagnetic waves. The main research topics include:


Telecommunications engineering is a discipline that concerns the transmission of information from one point to another, whatever the source of information is, high-resolution images of a distant planet, or large videos on-demand flying across the next-generation Internet. This brings together all of the elements of computer engineering and system engineering, to create and improve communication systems. In particular, it concerns with all aspects of theory and applications for a broad range of systems such as mobile phones and data networks, radio and TV, satellites, deep space applications and remote sensing of the environment.

Automation and Robotics

The research focuses on the development of methodologies and technologies for robotics and embedded automation at large.

The group has a longstanding experience in contracting with international, EC, and national funding agencies, as well as with industrial partners. Main contributions have been in the analysis and control of autonomous manipulation and vehicles and in the design of Articulated Soft Robots.

Computer Science & Engineering

The main research topics include Embedded Systems, Computer Networks, Pervasive Computing, Data Analytics and Soft Computing, Information Systems, Cybersecurity, Computer Ethicsand Digital Citizenship

Biomedical Engineering

The research on Bioengineering is directed at studying the human body using dry and wet materials, sensing and actuation and intelligent wetware, software and hardware. the main research topics include Computational Physiology, Computer Assisted Surgery and Augmented Reality, Deisgn of Non Animal Testing Systems,Biomedical imaging, Wearable Biomedical Sensors and Systems, Biomedical Additive Manufacturing.