DII Talks: Challenges and Future Trends in the Automotive Antenna Industry

28 Maggio 2021

Martino Rosin, Calearo Antenne

link TEAMS http://cutt.ly/tbHDfbg


The continuous evolution of the wireless communication systems and the increasing number of applications integrated into vehicles represents a stimulus to study of new hi-tech solutions in both industrial and academic fields. This talk aims at describing the 60 years experience of Calearo Antenne company, one of the Italian companies leader in the design and production of antennas for automotive systems, discussing the new challenges imposed by the most important international car makers (e.g. AUDI, BMW, NISSAN, PSA and many others). After a short company presentation, the webinar will go through an overview of the main antenna services which are covered in automotive antenna applications where Calearo Antenne is actively involved together with the major worldwide car manufacturers. Typical project flow and technical activities are illustrated, based on two design examples recently developed by Calearo Antenne. Antenna test facilities and test methodologies are then described, giving also an overview on product validation and production tools.

Martino Rosin received the Master Degree in Electronic Engineering from University of Padova in 1999, and he joined the Calearo Antenne company in the same year as RF and antenna design engineer. In 2001, he joined the Electroscience Laboratory (Ohio State University, Columbus OH) as Visiting Scholar, working on two projects on integrated conformal antennas and Satellite Digital Radio antennas (SDARS). These activities led to US and PCT patent grant. Since 1999, he covered several roles in Calearo Antenne such as R&D RF designer, test engineer and project manager. Nowadays, he is a supervisor of the Electronic Design team for OEM applications. His main activities involve project technical development, cost analysis, customer technical interface and team management.