STMicroelectronics  low-power radio and power line communication designs for the Internet-of-Things

17 Maggio 2024

Nell’ambito dei corsi di Laurea Magistrale in Cybersecurity e in Ingegneria Elettronica, aperto a tutti gli studenti, dottorandi e ricercatori del DII

Riccardo Fiorelli, Elio Guidetti, Fabio Osnato, Marco Ronchi
Engineers&Managers at STMicroelectronics, SRA and AMS groups

Venerdi 17 Maggio 2024, 14.00-16.00
Aula Riunioni Piano Terra, DII (Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione), Università di Pisa, Via G. Caruso 16


The seminar will present STMicroelectronics, its SRA (System Research and Applications) and AMS (Analog and Mixed-Signal) groups, and the Pisa (Montacchiello) site  and its roadmap and activities. Then, the seminar will focus on low-power WI-FI radio and on Power Line Communication designs (analog/RF and digital HW/SW aspects), as example of innovative solutions for energy-efficient, secure and reliable IoT.