Applied Electromagnetism

The research activity of the Applied Electromagnetics group is focused on a wide spectrum of applications
that involve the exploitation of electromagnetic fields. The current main research topics include:

  • Smart antennas and devices for wireless communications, radars and mm-wave systems
  • Metamaterials, metasurfaces and Intelligent Reconfigurable Surfaces
  • Advanced RFID-based systems and applications, RFID chipless technology
  • Indoor radiolocalization techniques
  • Wearable devices and wireless sensors
  • Metasurfaces for electromagnetic absorbers and radomes
  • RF coils and sensors for biomedical applications (Magnetic Resonance and Microwave Imaging)
  • Wave propagation models and SAR evaluation for human safety
  • Electromagnetic compatibility for system integration
  • Integrated multiband antennas for vehicular communications
  • Antennas and propagation for personal area networks
  • Electromagnetic characterization of materials
  • Additive manufacturing for RF devices
  • Innovative devices for Wireless Power Transfer and Energy Harvesting

The Applied Electromagnetics group is actively involved in national and international projects funded by public institutions and provides highly specialized support to private companies as well.



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