The mission of Cybersecurity Lab is to verify, test, design and implement cybersecurity solutions for networked and embedded systems.

More in details:

  1. Scalable and efficient group key management in large scale distributed systems
  2. Application of formal methods for the development of secure applications and secure systems. Data leakage and malware detection. Security issues and reliability evaluation in automotive and robotic systems
  3. Cybersecurity in IoT and WSN. Lightweight and scalable attribute-based encryption systems for IoT. Countermeasures against selective jamming in IEEE 802.15.4. Countermeasures against replay attacks in RPL. Evaluation of impact of cybersecurity on the communication layer performance. Penetration testing of IoT devices like smartlocks and IP cameras
  4. Design and application of blockchain-based systems in vertical domains (energy market, food traceability, protection of cultural heritage, IoT systems)
  5. Cybersecurity in automotive. Modelling and synthesis of secure applications in AUTOSAR. Secure software/firmware updates over the air. Hacking cars: attacks against remote and passive keyless entry systems.


Gianlca Dini (coordinator), Giuseppe Anastasi, Cinzia Bernardeschi, Lanfranco Lopriore, Pericle Perazzo



  •, EU H2020
  • European Processor Initiative, EU H2020
  • Development of an intrusion detection system for mobile applications and solar inverters, Power-One Italy S.p.A
  • Authentication in a multicast communication environment, Power-One Italy S.p.A.
  • Analysis of jamming and spoofing attacks on car’s keyless entry systems, Consorzio Nazionale Italiano per i Trasporti E la Logistica (NITEL) (ended Dec 2018)


Lab Equipment:

Equipment for digital and mobile forensics:

○ Forensic Falcon-NEO: multi-source/multi-destination forensic imaging solution;

○ FTW-SW: Forensic toolkit for data analysis

○ Logicube WriteProtect Portable: provides fast, secure and read-only write blocking of PCIe M.2, SATA and USB3.0 suspect hard drives;

○ Cellebrite UFED 4PC: mobile software solution for data extraction;

○ Magnet AXIOM: mobile software platform for forensic data extraction.

Equipment for cybersecurity testing and hacking

○ Software Defined Radio (SDR): HackRF; LimeSDR; USRP B210 (x 2).

○ Ubertooth ONE: Bluetooth sniffer

○ IoT Devices:

■ Zolertia RE-Mote Platform: hardware development platform to build real IoT applications and products (x 2);

■ Texas Instrument LAUNCHXL-CC2650: hardware platform featuring wireless CC2650 microcontroller unit and Bluetooth Low Energy (x 2).

○ SmartLock devices:

■ August SmartLock;

■ Kevo Touch-to-Open SmartLock;

■ Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt.

○ Starcam IP Camera: IP camera for video surveillance, known for its vulnerability to the MIRAI Botnet



01 Aprile 2019