Remote Sensing Lab


The research activity of Remote Sensing Laboratory focuses on the design and performance analysis of optical remote sensing systems and related signal and image processing methodologies:

  • Multi platform remote sensing (spaceborne, airborne, UAV, ground based, shipborne AUV)
  • Passive and active optical remote sensing (multi/hyperspectral, Thermal Imaging, Fluorescence LIDAR)
  • Multidimensional signal and image processing methodologies: (modelling, atmospheric effects compensation, parameter retrieval, detection, pattern recognition and classification, change detection, data fusion, information extraction, machine learning).

The RS Lab has a long tradition of collaborations with Italian and foreign universities, research centers, space agencies, and private companies: ASI Italian Space Agency, DLR Deutschen zentrum fur Luft- und Raumfahrt - German Aerospace Agency, ESA European Space Agency, Italian National Research Council Institutes (IFAC, IMAA, ISTI, IEIIT), Italian Universities (Genoa, Florence, Napoli, Pavia, Siena, Trento), CNIT National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications, Italian Naval Academy, Leonardo S.p.A., E-Geos Company, I.D.S. S.p.A., Flyby S.r.l., Rochester Institute of Technology (U.S.A), National Oceanography Center (U.K.), Université Laval (CA)

People: Giovanni Corsini (coordinator). Strict cooperation on joint research activities and projects takes place in the Lab with: Stefania Matteoli (CNR-IEIIT), Marco Diani (Italian Naval Academy), Nicola Acito (Italian Naval Academy)


  • SITGA Design Requirements and Hyperspectral Image processing algorithm for innovative airborne hyperspectral sensor, funded by Leonardo.
  • SAP4PRISMA algorithms and products for supporting the italian hyperspectral Space mission
  • PRISMA (, funded by ASI
  •  SENSORNAUTA funded through Por Creo Fesr 2014-2020
  • Very High Spatial and Spectral Resolution Remote Sensing: A Novel Integrated Data Analysis System funded by MIUR.
  • ECOMOS Electro-optical system performance prediction funded by EDA. • Hyperspectral Imaging Mission Concepts funded by ESA.
  • MicroEye funded through Por Fesr by Tuscan Regional Authority. Laboratory Instrumentation

Lab Equipment

ASD FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res: High Resolution Spectroradiometer. The spectroradiometer operates across the solar irradiance spectral range (350–2500 nm) with high spectral resolution spanning from 3 nm (VNIR 350-1000 nm) to 8 nm (SWIR1000-2500 nm). The use and maintenance of the instrument are regulated by an Agreement of cooperation with the Department DiSAA-a.

02 Aprile 2019