Signal and Image Processing Lab


The research activity of Signal and Image Processing Laboratory focuses on the design and performance analysis of signal and image processing methodologies in many application areas spanning from remote sensing, surveillance to augmented reality.

These methodologies include:

  • Passive and active radar sensing
  • Performance evaluation of radar systems in terms of estimation accuracy and Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC)
  • Theoretical bounds for matched and mismatched scenarios • Robust detection and estimation techniques
  • Cognition technique for active and passive radar systems including machine learning
  • Data and image for environmental monitoring
  • Multisource image registration and mosaicking
  • Data fusion from multiple sensor
  • Sight enhancement
  • High Dynamic Range Visualization
  • 3D scene reconstruction from multiview images
  • Machine vision algorithms for detection and classification of video sequences and/or data acquired by airborne and satellite imaging sensors

The SIP Lab has a long tradition of collaborations with Italian and foreign universities, research centers, space agencies, and private companies: ASI, Italian Space Agency, DLR, Deutschen zentrum fur Luft-und Raumfahrt - German Aerospace Agency, CNR, Italian National Research Council Institutes (IFAC, IMAA, ISTI, IEIIT), Italian Universities (Genoa, Florence, Naples, Pavia, Siena, Trento, Rome “Sapienza”), CentraleSupélec, France, CNIT, National Inter-University Consortium for Telecommunications, Italy,  Naval Academy, Livorno, Italy, Leonardo S.p.A., Italy, E-Geos Company, Italy, IDS S.p.A, Italy, Flyby S.r.l., Italy, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA, Navico Srl, Italy, AFOSR, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, USA, EOARD European Office of Aerospace Research and Development, UK, DRASS Galeazzi Underwater Technology, Italy

People: Giovanni Corsini and Maria Sabrina Greco (coordinators), Fulvio Gini, Fabrizio Lombardini, Nicola Acito. Strict cooperation on joint research activities and projects takes place in the Lab with Marco Diani (Italian Naval Academy).


  • Exploiting Spatial Diversity for Massive MIMO Radars, funded by EOARD/AFRL
  • Robust Hypothesis Testing for Radar Applications, funded by EOARD
  • Automatic Target Detection Algorithms, funded by MoD
  • SENSORNAUTA, funded through Por Creo Fesr 2014-2020
  • Very High Spatial and Spectral Resolution Remote Sensing: A Novel Integrated Data Analysis System, funded by MIUR
  • ECOMOS Electro-optical system performance prediction, funded by EDA
  • MicroEye, funded through Por Fesr by Tuscan Authority


Realistic scenario of multistatic passive radar


3D reconstruction from UAV platform


Person detection and tracking from stereo images


02 Aprile 2019