Micro and nano materials for (bio)sensors and (nano)medicine Lab


The Group focuses on the development and characterization of novel micro and nanostructured materials, devices, and systems with application in electronics, photonics, (bio)sensing, and (nano)medicine, using silicon, glass, and polymer technologies.

On-going research topics, though not limited to, are:

  • chemitransistor sensors for environmental monitoring exploiting nanostructured materials;
  • nano and microstructured optical and electrochemical biosensors for point-of-care measurements of molecules of clinical relevance in biological fluids;
  • microneedles for transdermal biosensing of physicochemical parameters and transdermal delivery of drugs;
  • nanoneedles for cell transfection-programming;
  • micro and nanostructured photonic devices for light management applications (e.g. LED, LASER, lens);
  • organs-on-chip recapitulating the micro and nanoarchitecture of the functional unit of human organ for drug screening and personalized medicine;
  • 3D micro and nanostructured capacitors with high specific capacitance value for energy storage applications;
  • antibacterial nanostructured coatings for smart patches and food-packaging; ix) smart materials for flexible pressure/strain sensors.


People: G. Barillaro (coordinator), L. M. Strambini (CNR-IEIIT)


Projects: G. Barillaro has coordinated over 20 research projects, both at international and national levels either as PI or as WP leader . The on-going research projects includes:


Lab Equipment:

Technological facilities available at the Group include:

  • class 100 clean room;
  • metal/insulator thin film deposition systems;
  • optical lithography;
  • wet/dry etching equipments;
  • silicon electrochemical nano and micromachining systems;
  • standard and rapid thermal oxidation equipments;
  • optica/fluorescencel microscopes and scanning electron microscopes (SEM);
  • ellipsometer and optical coherence tomography microscope (OCT);
  • microprofilometer and atomic force microscope (AFM);
  • electrical and optical characterization equipments;
  • work station for thermomechanical/fluidic/optical/electromagnetic simulations.


02 Aprile 2019