Automation and Robotics

The research focuses on the development of methodologies and technologies for robotics and embedded automation at large.

The group has a longstanding experience in contracting with international, EC, and national funding agencies, as well as with industrial partners. 

Main contributions have been in the analysis and control of autonomous manipulation and vehicles and in the design of Articulated Soft Robots. This Research is carried out in synergy with the Research Center of the University of Pisa "E.Piaggio".

The research in underwater robotics and systems is carried out in collaboration with ISME (Interuniversity Center of Integrated Systems for the Marine Environment)

The research in robotics for industry 4.0 is developed in the CrossLab "Advanced Manufacturing" . CrossLabs are 5 the laboratories of the department devoted to the research for the new industry.


Lab Advanced Manufacturing


Robotics Labs in Centro Piaggio