Programmable measurements systems Lab

This lab is dedicated to the development of telemetry systems for the collection and storage of different information. The developed systems are composed by a remote sensor which is installed in a remote object or biological system which could not be simply observed with common wired instrumentation. The remote sensor communicate with a fixed station that collects and stores information. Different technologies are employed for the data link: infrared, short wave radio or UHF radio. The sensing nodes are based on conventional sensing technologies, like metal electrodes to collect biological 
electric potentials or on emerging sensing technologies like organic polymer electrodes and transistors.

People: Stefano Di Pascoli, Francesco Pieri , Siriana Paonessa 


HFSP prioject: An innovative, interdisciplinary model system for studying the developmental origins of sleep and brain rhythms (RGP0004/2013); International proiect: Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain.

Lab Equipment: Magnetometer, Mixed signal Oscilloscope.

02 Aprile 2019